Among other things, I have been
an artist and a teacher
all my life.

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I live in Buffalo, New York, now, but have lived all over the United States, including years in Hawaii, the Southeast, and the Hudson Valley. All that moving provided an infinitely varied landscape and study with indigenous watercolorists. In addition, I have studied with master watercolor teachers in China, Switzerland, the British Isles, Greece, and Italy.

I hold a BA from D’Youville College and an MA from Canisius College. I have exhibited in solo and group shows and taught watercolor classes and workshops everywhere I've lived.

Painting is an act of communication – a visual response in color, form, line – that conveys an insight about the subject matter. My specialty is small format landscape, intense in both color and feeling.


For up-to-the-minute information on classes and my life, see my blog over at Wordpress.



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